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Gunder Textile
The purpose of Günder Tekstil; Combining fashion and quality in the best way, delivering it to its customers all over the world at affordable prices, primarily through its own sales points.
Anti Bactarial
Microbial organisms that may occur in home and office environments where our products are used can be prevented.
Water Resistance
With special chemicals, the penetration of all kinds of liquids into the products and liquids can be prevented from passing to the back surfaces of our products.
Flame Retardant
In accordance with international standards, our products can be given a fire retardant feature that delays burning.
Air-Flow & Breathable
It can be produced as nature and human friendly products without using toxic chemicals that harm human health.
Just Clean
It provides our products with easy cleaning feature against stains that may occur in home and office environment such as tea and coffee that may come from all kinds of external factors.